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I've written about about Tech, Podcasting, and Culture. I'm the founder and host of the Papertrail Podcast, where I speak with authors about the books which have most influenced and affected them.

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Boatflex is Building Europe's Airbnb for Boats - The Gigster Blog

Boatflex is Building Europe's Airbnb for Boats - Th...

Google drive2 article

How to hack Google Drive like a boss

When you’re running a startup, it’s important that you and your business are efficient. Everyone is taking to The Cloud to help streamline their workflows, and Google Drive is a leader in cloud storage right now.

Mobile web article

Does Your Site Need To Be Mobile Friendly?

We now do more and more of our browsing on mobile devices. According to data from KPCB, we consume more mobile digital media than any other kind.

Non tech founder article

How To Manage Developers When You're A Non-Tech Founder

A great tech-driven idea can strike anyone at any time, but it can be intimidating to bring your idea into the world if you can’t code.

Outsourcing article

How To Make Outsourcing Delightful

Ever ask people about their frustrations with outsourcing? Not surprisingly, ‘terrible customer service’ is often high on their list of grievances...