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I've written about about Tech, Podcasting, and Culture. I'm the founder and host of the Papertrail Podcast, where I speak with authors about the books which have most influenced and affected them.

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Writing notes idea conference article

How to Write Enthusiastically AND Well

When we first start to write on a topic, it’s usually out of enthusiasm for the subject...

Pexels photo %282%29 article

4 Tools That Improve Your Writing Focus

When you’re writing, the biggest obstacle isn’t always your research or not knowing where to start...

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5 Tips to Help with Your First Blog

For new content creators, getting started on a blog can be the hardest part...

Thinking article

It's Time You Started Writing Better Emails

Email is one of the best marketing tools out there...

Fyln4ce6c7 article

Why Small Businesses Need Copywriters

Six situations when small businesses should hire a professional...

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How To Create A Content Strategy For ANY Business

No matter your situation, you can get started content marketing...